You could have gone with a clever name for your company.

Or hidden behind a fancy logo.

But you didn’t.

Instead, you chose to put your name and face at the forefront of your business.
Which means when it comes to finding clients and making money, you have to come out and play.

But more and more personal brands are popping up every day. How can you stand out?

There is ‘one thing’ that will ultimately determine if you rise to the top of your niche or become irrelevant. It’s your messaging… but more specifically your copy.

So, What Exactly Is Copy?

The dictionary definition of copy is the art and science of strategically delivering words that gets people to take some sort of action.  

Simply put, copy is written words that sell.

They’re the words that fill your sales pages, the 140 characters in your tweets, and the script for your video tutorials, audios, and presentations.

For me, copy isn’t just about any old words. As the founder of a company called Conscious Copy & Co., I live and work by my definition of conscious copy: written words that sell with authenticity and integrity.

We use this ideology to help top coaches, experts, and thought leaders in the personal development and business development spaces get clear on their messaging. Then, we craft marketing campaigns for them with written words that sell their products and services to the masses so they don’t have to.

What’s The Difference Between Copy And Content?

Content is education-oriented.

Copy is results-oriented.

Now, copy can be educational, but the differentiator is that it prompts a particular outcome, or result.

Why Does This Matter To You?

As a personal brand, you are the product. You MUST learn how to sell yourself. And it doesn’t have to feel sleazy, if you do the following:

1. Discover Your Authentic Voice

Ask yourself, “What makes you different & unique?”

Then, think about how to communicate in a way that gets people’s attention.

Hint: If it’s all about you and nothing about who you’re trying to help, you’ll become irrelevant. People identify with personal brands because they see a part of themselves in those brands.

2. Be Clear And Concise

How exactly do you help people? You have to learn to explain what you do, who you do it for, how you help them, what you stand for, and what you don’t… all in a concise way. Get clear on how you want to be perceived, who you want to attract, and who you want to repel.

3. Learn How To Inspire People To Take Action

I know many people with personal brands who stand for something great, but fall short when it comes to getting people to take action and buy from them.

When you operate under a personal brand, you have to package yourself in a way that’s sellable. This is a challenge for most of us because it feels uncomfortable to self-identify our gifts and communicate how we can help people with our unique abilities. When you package yourself the right way, with a clear process and create a call to action, you can seamlessly guide customers to take action (purchase) in an authentic and natural way.

To fully leverage your personal brand, you have to learn how to:

Be Appealing

What you offer must be relevant and desirable to your audience.

One of our clients, Chalene Johnson, does a fantastic job at selling the essence of herself through her products and services. We helped create a campaign around her PUSH journal – a complementary product to her course and event called SMART Success. Chalene is very appealing to her ideal client because she sells a lifestyle they crave, and one that she has successfully achieved – in her business, health, family, and partnership. Her course, journal, and live events act as the airplane that get people to their desired destination – a life where they are calm, present, and at peace.

Be Authentic

Today, more than ever, it’s crucial to your business success that you burst through the online sea of false promises and scammers by being your authentic self. Your audience wants to know all of you, not just the flashy version shown in prerecorded videos.

Authenticity is a big value of ours at Conscious Copy & Co. We help our clients show up and embody authenticity and transparency. My good friend and client, Joe Polish does the most incredible job at this. His latest publication, The Average Joe’s Marketing Book, is an excellent example of this. The name alone portrays the importance of copy.  In his book, he talks about being an average Joe. He shares his story of how he came from being a dead broke carpet cleaner to becoming one of the most connected influencers in the world, all thanks to marketing. His humble approach, that doesn’t shy from sharing the dark side of his story, inspires people and motivates them.

The key to authenticity is consistency. Align your thoughts, words, and actions everywhere you show up – online and off.

Be Different

You are different, and that is what will allow you to stand out. So lead with it!

My client and friend Sally Hogshead is known for saying, “different is better than better.”  

When I started my agency, I could have chosen to compete on being a better copywriter. Instead, I decided to create a new category and be the best at it: Conscious Copywriting. As a result, I was able to quickly become the go-to copywriter in the personal development and business development space with conscious copy.  

Be that authentic, Standout Influencer™ (a term I coined in 2015) by motivating and encouraging your tribe.

Nobody does this better than my client, Dean Graziosi. One of his top 5 secrets to success is being enthusiastic as hell. Dean is one of the top influencers in real estate and business success. He shows up with a fire that fuels the masses. He’s real, enthusiastic, and encouraging.

You might think, But Jennifer, I’m not that outgoing. That’s okay – you don’t have to be!

You simply have to reach in and access your biggest asset…


I challenge and encourage you to tap into the power of conscious copy by leading with integrity and authenticity. It’s what clients are looking for, and how you can transform your position as just another personal brand to the go-to brand for your market.

Step into your authentic self and start turning clients’ heads your way with our Influencer Positioning™ Cheat Sheet.

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