3 Essentials to Building Your Personal Brand to
6-Figures, the Right Way

Just like any other business, building a personal brand or influencer business takes a lot of hard work, late nights, and hustle.

To put it in perspective, launching your business is similar to launching a NASA rocket. The first “two miles” are where over 90% of the fuel is burned; where the most resistance takes place.

Getting to the six-figure mark is almost always pure hustle.

But… it’s important to note, not all “hustle” is created equal.

There is a big difference between blind hustle, and strategic hustle.
(Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then.)

If you’re going to hustle, you may as well work hard at building the right things.
Build the things that set yourself up massive long-term success.

Here are 3 of the top areas to focus your hustle, when you’re looking to build to six-figures and beyond.

Business Model

The two main reasons why businesses fail is either they run out of money, or they fail to have effective systems in place.

A business model addresses both of those things.

At the core of any business model is a revenue-generating mechanism, that typically consists of a logical product progression.  What is a logical product progression you might ask? It’s a series of two to five products that go from low price point to high price point.

The most important part of building a sound business model is to keep it simple. A lot of times people (very smart people), think they need to create some super sophisticated business model and product offerings to differentiate themselves.

In reality, sophistication doesn’t serve.

It doesn’t serve you, and it doesn’t serve your customers.

Complexity prevents execution.

Get Results For People

A personal brand, or any brand for that matter, is not what you say about yourself or your products.

A personal brand is what others say about you and your products.

Building a widely-known personal brand cannot be completely dependent on your own marketing efforts. You must have viral marketing, word-of-mouth working for you.

The only way to get people talking about you is the help them get results.

In order to get results for the masses, you need to know how to get results for individual people/companies.

This is why you start building your personal brand by doing things that don’t scale.

Do Things That Don’t Scale

We live in a time of rapid technological innovation in business and marketing. People tend to jump to automation too quickly. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen people jump into some expensive marketing automation software before they even have a product, or have even helped one client get a significant result.

Before you automate, you need to be absolutely confident that what you are automating actually works, and you have the capacity to handle it.

Whenever I’m speaking at events, I often talk about how too many people believe the pipe-dream of running an online business where they think it’s all beaches, mai-tai’s, and making money while you sleep. People think that’s the reality of an online business and they hide behind their keyboard. They forget that building a business requires that you actually have conversations with people.

Having strategic conversations with your target market is one of the most powerful things you can do in the early stages of building your personal brand. This is one of the most important things we guide people in our group coaching program to focus their attention on.

The concept of “doing things that don’t scale” is slightly different for everyone, but the intention and goal is almost always the same.

The objective of doing things that don’t scale should are two fold. One, learning the nuances of your target market’s motivators – how they speak about their pains, challenges, goals, and aspirations. Two, validating your products, content, and pricing.

Too many people jump to building an online course before they are even confident their content resonates and gets people results.

In our group coaching program, we coach our community though our own process that allows you to both validate your product, content, and pricing while also generating revenue.  Essentially, how you can get paid to have your target market tell you exactly what they want.  Our group coaching program pes deep into our Personal Brand framework, here is an overview intro.

Next month, I’ll publish a post just like this about going from six-figures to seven-figures, and we’ll link it here.


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