While it’s easy to look at the Gary Vees, Marie Forleos, and Brendon Burchards of the world, and think that you’re too late to start…

The raw hard truth is…

There’s never been a better time, in the history of the world, to start to build your personal brand, than right now. If you’re still questioning why a personal brand is important in the first place, start with this article, then come back.

There’s a window of opportunity that’s in front of all of us in the next 5-7 years, and the people who are just getting started now, actually have the biggest advantage.

See, back just 15 years ago, Facebook and YouTube didn’t exist, smart phones didn’t exist, and you needed to be a developer to get a simple website up and running.

Today, social networks give you access to massive reach. People have “super computers” in their pockets, and they are constantly searching for information and solutions to their problems. Technology has advanced to where software is now drag-and-drop easy. You don’t need to be a developer, designer or marketer to develop a website, build campaigns, or create nice images & videos.

You can literally launch a podcast and record HD videos with just your phone. It doesn’t require an entire boat load of expensive equipment to get started.

It’s never been easier or cheaper to:

  • Launch a podcast
  • Record a video
  • Build a following
  • Send emails
  • Publish a book
  • Build a website
  • Create stunning images
  • Get your message to a targeted audience

Money and technology are no longer challenges. But, there are new challenges.

The biggest challenge now is that since the barrier of entry is so low, there’s a lot of noise in the marketplace. But, that’s all it is… just noise.

If you have a deep passion, a powerful message, and the expertise and credibility to match it… right now, is literally the best opportunity you to put yourself out there, and go all-in on building your personal brand.

Most people are trying to build a personal brand just because they think it’s cool, it’s the current trend, or they’re just trying to make a quick buck. Those people will not be able to sustain themselves.

That’s why it’s important to look at building your personal brand like it’s your life-long career. Build a solid foundation, do things that don’t scale in the beginning, and build something that will sustain over the long-term.

Whether you’re building a personal brand as a thought-leader, entrepreneur, executive, or employee, the time to start is now.

Why Now is the Best Time to Build Your Personal Brand as a Thought Leader

Social media and advancements in technology like print-on-demand publishing (physical books) have made it easier and more cost-effective than ever before to get your message, expertise, or knowledge out to the world.

Just 20 years ago, there were massive startup costs involved if your were building a though leader style personal brand. Things like podcasting and self-publishing books weren’t around.

Tony Robbins talks about how expensive it was for him to get his audio programs recorded, produced, created, and shipped. He had to rent studio time and spend tens of thousands of dollars, just to record an audio program.

Today, most phones and computers come with audio recording technology for free. Buy a nice USB microphone for a couple hundred dollars, and you’re off to the races!

Software tools like Thinkific, Kajabi, and Memberium (for WordPress) all make it super easy to package and sell your information through an online course, without having to be a code-whiz.

Spiffy makes it wicked easy to create a checkout page take credit card payments through your website.

LeadPages makes it easy to get a landing page, or a small website up in no time.

And, ActiveCampaign is one of the most powerful marketing automation and CRM platforms to automate your sales and internal processes – and you can get started with it for only $15/mo!

If you use Spiffy, LeadPages, ActiveCampaign, and Memberium to power your personal brand business, you’re looking at under $500/mo. to do what would have required a be $70,000-$100,000+ investment to build on your own just 20 years ago.

If you want to write a book, speak, or share your expertise though online courses, it’s never been easier to get started and monetize your message, than right now.

Why Now is the Best Time to Build Your Personal Brand as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it’s never been more important to build a personal brand than right now.

Building a personal brand and your company brand at the same time is challenging, and in most scenarios, you should not try to do both at the same time.

Once you have some traction with your business, building a strong personal brand is a great way to reach more people and attract new customers.

We believe that any type of personal brand has a though leader component to it. Maybe you’re not selling books, or online courses, but as an entrepreneur you’re a sought after authority in your industry and you get invited to speak at big conferences, getting more awareness out in the marketplace for you, and your products and services.

Not only is the online aspect of building a personal brand easier than ever before, the off-line aspects of building a personal brand is easier as well. It’s never been easier to find events with targeted audiences for you to sponsor and speak at. Nothing is more powerful than building your brand face-to-face, in person.

More Info: 7 Reasons Why It’s Important for an Entrepreneur to Build a Personal Brand

Why Now is the Best Time to Build Your Personal Brand as an Executive

Over the past few years, coaching and mentorship are concepts that people are warming up to in their personal and professional lives.

As an executive, there are many different benefits to building a personal brand. Building a thought leader personal brand as an executive, establishing you as the go-to thought leader in your industry creates a magnet for not only new customers and revenue, but also talent acquisition and retention.

People want to work with and for people who are the best in their industry. When you can lead with a personal brand that is smart, authentic, and approachable. You will attract people who will work for you (often for below market rates), because they see value in mentorship and experience working with you and your company.

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Why Now is the Best Time to Build Your Personal Brand as an Employee

We live in a very different world these days, there’s no such thing as “Job Security” in the form of working for the same company for the remainder of your career.

At PersonalBrand.com, we fundamentally believe that a personal brand is the new “Job Security” – not in the sense that you’ll be fire-proof, but in the sense that if you do leave your current position unexpectedly, you’ll be able to find an even better position quickly.

A strong personal brand makes you extremely hire-able, and provides a foundation for your career where you’ll never have to be “stuck” at a job you hate.

More Info: 5 Reasons Why Building a Personal Brand as an Employee is Important

Regardless of What Type of Personal Brand You’re Building…

Whether you’re a thought leader, entrepreneur, executive, or employee, the process of building a personal brand is the same. The end goal, or revenue mechanism changes, but, building a personal brand is rooted in the foundation of sharing your knowledge and becoming a sought after expert in your industry, or the marketplace at large.

Regardless of what type of personal brand you’re building, you must develop and cultivate the 4 areas of focus to build a sustainable, profitable personal brand.

Read more about our 4 areas of focus and strategic approach to building a successful personal brand.


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