Imagine A World-Class Team Building Your Personal Brand...

A note from Headquarters:

If you’re just looking for a flashy website, and some fancy business cards, you’re probably not in the right place.
If you’re looking to create a world-class personal brand to take your business to the next level, you’re in the right place, and we’re the team that can help you get there.

At, We work with mission-driven entrepreneurs, experts and influencers who are looking to build a 7-figure business behind their personal brand.

Our team has been under the hood, consulting and running marketing campaigns with some of the biggest personal brands in the world, totaling in tens of millions of dollars generated online. Not only that, but we have almost 4 decades of combined experience in all of the critical domains required to build an successful online business: branding, marketing, social media, paid advertising, product launches and marketing automation.

That being said, “world-class” takes time, resources, a whole-lot of work, and strategic planning, and our services are priced accordingly. We are not a low-cost provider, so if you’re on a tight budget, or just getting started, it may be best to look elsewhere for now.

From 6-Figures, to 7-Figures and Beyond…
We specialize in creating brands and business strategies engineered to take influencers from 6-figures to 7 and 8-figures.  An ideal client for our services would be:

  • An expert who has a following, and is already generating sales online ($150k+ in revenue)
  • An influencer who is looking to command higher fees, and needs a high-end brand revamp to match
  • A successful speaker who is on the road looking to scale up their business, and scale back their time
  • A successful business owner looking diversify, or accelerate growth through building a personal brand
  • A former (or current) corporate executive looking to start their personal brand

If any of those sound like you, lets hop on a phone call and see if we can serve you in architecting your personal brand.

We look forward to working with you to help you make a bigger impact in the world.

– The Team

Our High-End, Personal Brand Services

If you’re looking for an end-to-end world-class personal brand design and business strategy, look no further.  There’s not another company on the planet with our depth of experience on both the creative and business side of building a personal brand, and you’ll feel the full horsepower of what we can do.

This package gets you access to a full creative re-boot of your personal brand, as well as the most in-depth research and strategy development on the business side of your brand, too. Not to mention countless other benefits, and bonuses. For instance, it also includes a full year of consulting on top of all the deliverables (a $24,000 bonus).

As you can imagine, this package is very pricey and designed for people who are already generating revenue from their brand (mid 6-figures and above). If you’re not ready to make a sizable investment, another package may be better suited for your needs.

  • Brand Discovery Process
  • Market & Competitive Research
  • Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Professional Stylist Consultation
  • Photo & Video shoot
  • Brand Creation Process
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design & Build-out
  • Social Media Presence Optimization
  • Business Strategy Creation
  • In-Person 2-Day Intensive
  • Marketing Funnel Buildout
  • Online Course Setup
  • Facebook Ad & Copy Strategy
  • Branded Collateral Designs – Business Cards, PowerPoint Template, Letterhead, etc.
  • +Much, Much, more

Are you looking to build a brand that leaves a lasting first impression and turns heads with every touch-point? This package is for you.

You’ll work with our team to give the creative side of your brand a complete makeover.  From your website, to your video intro’s, to business cards, slide deck, social media profiles, letter head, thank you cards, and much more, no stone will be left un-turned.

Our team will work with you to co-create a unique one-of-a-kind personal brand around who you are, and your unique qualities, skills and passions.

This package is focused on your online presence, image, brand positioning & messaging, and anything related to your image and how you are visually communicating who you are, and what you do.
(Note: Presidential does not include our full business & marketing services, but strategy will be discussed.)

  • Full Brand Discovery Process
  • Brand Creation Process
  • Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Professional Stylist Consultation
  • Professional Photoshoot
  • Professional Video Shoot
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design & Build-out
  • Complete Social Media Presence Optimization
  • Branded Collateral Designs – Business Cards, PowerPoint Template, Letterhead, etc.
  • + Much, Much More

Make all your competition jealous and attract quality clients with ease.  We created the Celebrity package for the influencer looking for a world-class website paired with a highly-strategic and hand-crafted brand, designed to accelerates results.

We’ll focus on all aspects of your personal brand, including but not limited to: positioning, messaging, image, target market research, and creating continuity across all digital touch-points of your brand.

  • Express Brand Discovery Process
  • Brand Development Process
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Professional Stylist Consultation
  • Logo Creation
  • Professional Photoshoot
  • Website Design & Development
  • Complete Social Media Presence Optimization
  • Branded PowerPoint Template

If you already have a great website, but you want to work with our team on rounding out and polishing your brand, this is the package for you.

You’ll work directly with one of our creative brand experts as they take your through a powerful brand discovery process, and ultimately create a state-of-the-art personal brand that you can run with.

This package does not include any website updates, or technical implementation of your brand. It’s simply the creation process of the brand.

  • Express Brand Discovery Process
  • Brand Development Process
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Branded PowerPoint Template
  • Visual Social Media Optimization
  • Branded Collateral Designs – Business Cards, PowerPoint Template, Letterhead, etc.

Lights, Camera, Action! Spend 2-days with our professional photographer shooting professional headshots and promotional videos.  You’ll receive professionally edited high-definition images for you to use on your own website, across social media channels, and for anything else you can imagine in the future.

You’ll also spend an afternoon shooting a variety of video elements that will be professionally edited into a couple different of marketing videos.

  • Professional Video Shoot
    • 5-7 minute story video
    • 60 second highlight reel
    • 30 second video promo
  • Professional Photoshoot
    • 3-5 outfit changes
Our Personal Brand Business Consulting Services
Board Room Intensive Workshop – $15k

Let’s get in the same room for two full days and build a strategic business plan for the next 12 months, and a 90-60-30 day action plan.

Our team starts by conducting a 30-day, in-depth research audit of your target market, your products and services, and industry trends to inform, and provide data for the direction of our workshop.

You’ll be working and strategizing directly with our marketing and business experts who have helped launch best-selling books, 7-figure product launches, and run all the marketing and technology for an 8-figure influencer business.

Most of our clients leverage this package as an annual strategic planning retreat, where they can brainstorm with us and gain clarity and an action plan that they can then go and execute against with their team.

We have limited availability for this package, we only have room to work with about 10 clients at this level per year.

  • 2-Day In-Person Intensive workshop
  • 30-day research audit pre-workshop
  • Roadmap for the next 12 months
  • 30-60-90 Day Action Plan
  • Gain clarity on where to focus in your business
  • Optimization of an existing marketing campaign
  • Insight & perspective into any marketing campaign
  • Learn cutting-edge strategies and best practices
King's Court Package – $2,500/mo

Every other week, you’ll be on a call with our marketing team helping you find strategic ways to grow your business and brand, and stay focused on executing against the plan.

You’ll have access to our team’s marketing and business experts via email to answer questions as they come up throughout your day as well.

Stay on the cutting-edge with the latest strategies, tactics, and tools to grow your business, and have ongoing support to make sure you’re maximizing revenue, profits and impact.

  • Bi-weekly 60-minute calls
  • Email access with 24-hour response times
  • Get all your questions answered
  • Iron out marketing campaigns
  • Get a clear action plan
  • Get Professional feedback on your campaigns before you launch
Personal Brand Audit – $1,997

We’ll do a deep-dive audit of your personal brand covering everything from the SEO of your website and blog, all the way to the messaging of your primary sales funnel. We’ll conduct two days of research, recon, and analysis, and put together a presentation highlighting the top 3 areas of improvement that will drive the biggest results.

The presentation will be built in Powerpoint, and delivered by screen sharing through Zoom. The presentation will be recorded and sent to you within 24 hours, for you to share with your team or to reference in the future.

This is ideal for the person who feels they are too close to their own brand and wants someone else to provide guidance on the most important steps to take next; or, for the Personal Brand who has a small team who can help implement key points of optimization.

We’ll make sure you, or your team, are focused on the most important things to grow.

  • Kickoff call
  • Complete website audit
  • Complete blog audit
  • Complete social media audit
  • In-depth analysis of your primary marketing funnel (1)
  • 60-Minute Presentation & Consultation Call
  • Recordings of the call
  • We will identify the top 3 most important things for you to focus on
Power Hour Consulting Call – $297

Maybe you’ve already got a team, and you don’t need a brand or marketing revamp, but you want to have a high-level conversation about an upcoming marketing campaign, or bounce an idea around for your strategy for the year. This “Power Hour” call is for you.

You’ll get a 60-minute phone call with one of our strategists to answer any big questions you have, and provide guidance, perspective, and insight into cutting-edge strategies, and how to get and stay ahead of your competition.

  • 60-minute call with one of our business experts
  • You’ll fill out a pre-call questionnaire to make the call efficient & valuable
  • Get all your major questions answered
  • Get world-class perspective based on real results
  • Learn what is working today (not 3 years ago)
  • Ask anything (small tactical, or big picture strategy)
  • Referrals to high-quality contractors to assist you