Twitter is a wonderful platform for a personal brand to really show their style, wit, and opinions on hot topics and of course, gain followers and notoriety.

If you want your Personal Brand to get ranked on Twitter’s feed, you might want to follow our 10 easy steps to improving your Twitter game.


1. Profile Pic

You may think that Twitter is a more casual platform as it is full of clever and funny personalities, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on a professionally done headshot to use as your profile picture.

A professionally done headshot is always a must on any platform as it is a representation of your brand. A selfie, or cropped image from that group photo you took last month just doesn’t do the trick. The investment in yourself and your brand will definitely be worth it.


2. Banner Image

When building your Twitter profile you will see that you have the ability to add a banner image. This is a great opportunity share your logo, a quote that represents your brand and beliefs, really the options are endless!


3. Bio

Your Twitter Bio is very important as that is where new and potential followers can go to learn more about you and your brand. This is also a great place to include relevant keywords so users searching for brands with similar interests can easily find you. You will also want to include your city and region in your bio if you have any local involvement.


4. Link in Profile

As always, you will want a link to your website readily available for anyone that visits your Twitter profile. Twitter is a platform for you to get your brand in front of more people with the ultimate goal of getting them to your site, onto your list, and in front of your offers. Having a link for them in your profile is a great way to do this.


5. Pin Tweet

Twitter allows you to Pin a tweet to your profile so that it is the first tweet that people will see when visiting. If you have great tweet that does a great job of representing your brand, you’ll want to pin that to your profile.


6. Tweet Chats

Tweet Chats are great places to connect with people and brands that have similar likes and interests as you. They are also great places to gain new followers and get your brand in front of many new faces.


7. Follow more people

Research has shown that the number of people you follow does directly correlate to the number of people that follow you. Now that doesn’t mean you should go follow everyone out there, but you should take the time to search for similar brands and influencers that are in your industry and follow their feeds.


8. Engagement

Engaging with other user’s tweets and getting them to engage back with you is a great way to improve your Twitter game. So share the love! Retweet other posts, comment and interact with other users. In return, you can mention others with the @username, ask for retweets directly in your posts, and even ask questions for your followers to answer. This is a great way to show and develop a human connection with all of your followers.


9. Add Value & Spice It Up!

This may seem like an obvious one, but if you scroll through your feed right now, I guarantee you’ll notice posts that are bland, boring, or just plain worthless. Your followers don’t need to know every little thing that happens during your day, but everyone loves when you give them something interesting, motivating, or helpful. Keep that in mind when before hitting the post button 😉  

Research has also shown that posts with hashtags, images, and links tend to perform far better than posts without. So add an image, include your relevant hashtags, and link to your website, or the article in reference. These elements make your post stand out, and are sure to help you get some more love on your account.


10. Schedule and Re-post

Scheduling your Twitter posts are the best way to keep an up to date consistent account, without having to spend time on your account every day. There are many social media scheduling tools available for you to use, such as SproutSocial and HootSuite. These softwares allow you easily to plan and schedule your Tweets (and other social media posts).

Another great thing to do is re-post your top important Tweets a few times during 1 or 2 days. The average lifespan of a Tweet is about 18mins, so the likelihood that all your followers are able to see the Tweet you made this morning is pretty low. By re-posting your Tweets a few times throughout the day, you are able to extend your viability and reach more people. You don’t want to do this with every post, but it is a great habit to get into with any promotion or high value piece.


There you have it! You are now ready to rock your Twitter feed and get your awesome brand in front of more people. Like any social platform, having a killer Twitter account takes time, practice, and a bit of effort. With the above 10 easy steps to improve your Twitter game though, you are well on your way.

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